This Bibliography is the fruit of some twenty years acquisition and study – in later years, formal study for a Ph.D – by the present author. In the creation of thirty odd “editions”, I have been helped by Kay Ryan as we built up the early versions of this Bibliography. Without her help, and Ron Burns’ computer expertise, this project would not have got off the ground. I should also like to thank Jill Burns, Librarian at Bournemouth University, for advice on the niceties of cataloguing. Of course, all mistakes are my own.

For all its inevitable faults, I hope this Bibliography represents a start for what I believe is an important area – the way that yachting has been represented over the centuries.
Obviously, this work is incomplete, has errors in it, and can be improved. Please do not hesitate to get in touch and advise us on corrections and omissions. We aim to update regularly to take account of your feedback.