If you want to know all the texts on a particular topic for a particular era,
    life is simpler if you are happy with my chronological categories. Let us say you want to know all texts concerning Victorian Yacht Racing before 1875. So, the relevant categories are Chronology: 1837 -1875; and Narrative: Yacht Racing. Tick these boxes, and then press Perform Find. 13 records will be made available. Press Find. An empty screen appears.
      If you wanted only accounts written between 1837 -1875, you will have to do some sifting, as the records include those written during the period (not many) and those about racing during that period (the majority of records). So it might be most useful to use Table Form, and then bring up the records you want.
      If you want to extend the Time Period, again press
      Yes next to Commercial/Naval and in the Time Period, press Yes next to 1876-1918. Press PERFORM FIND. A further 168 records are now available for study.

      Entering your own time periods. Let’s say you have a particular reason for starting at 1820 and finishing at 1880 and are not concerned with the content.
      Go into FIND. A blank “Find” record form appears.
      Enter the date of the beginning of the relevant time period into Date of First Publication box. In this example, you enter 1820.
      Highlight “Operator” on the toolbar
      From the options, highlight
      Range. Three dots appear in the First Publication Box.
      Select the finish date, in this case, 1880. Enter into First Publication Box.
      As you do so, 1820 will disappear. Do not fret. Your Webmaster is smiling down on you.
      You do not need to enter Narrative type, as you are interested in all.
      Press PERFORM FIND.
      8 records fulfil your criteria. (This is far fewer than books about early Victorian yachting, but most of these, as mentioned earlier, were not written in early Victorian times).
      b. Researching your selected time periods for a given Narrative type.
      After entering 1820 to 1880, you can ALSO enter any of the Narrative Type that may be relevant to your search. Say Yacht Racing.
      Press Perform Find. Nine records will be found.
      NOTE: This is a Read-Only File, for obvious reasons of security of data. Once the data is listed after a search, you are, of course, free to print out that list; and on highlighting any individual record, to print that out.